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West York Area School District Names New Principal at Wallace Elementary

West York Area School District (WYASD) is pleased to announce that the Board of Education approved Mr. Jonathan Hoffman as the new Principal at Wallace Elementary School. Mr. Hoffman has nine years of teaching experience within the West York Area School District and was most recently a 5th grade classroom teacher at Trimmer Elementary. Mr. Hoffman also served as Interim Principal at Trimmer Elementary during the 2014-2015 school year. Mr. Hoffman earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Bloomsburg University and earned his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from York College of Pennsylvania.

In addition to Mr. Hoffman’s extensive background in Elementary Education, he hopes to share his passion for learning with the students while enhancing their educational experience. Mr. Hoffman stated, “With the ever-changing standards and technology in our classrooms, it is important to know where we have come from, but more important to have a view of where we are going. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such passionate and devoted teachers to help mold the academic future of our youngest learners. I am honored to be a part of the West York Leadership team and look forward to working with our district and community to grow our students.”

The West York Area School District is excited to welcome Mr. Hoffman as the new Principal at Wallace Elementary School, and we look forward to his success with our students.

West York Elementary School Continues to Serve West York Borough

Representatives from the West York Area School District and West York Borough posed for a joint picture to celebrate the final sale of Grace E. Loucks Elementary School to the West York Borough. Dr. Emilie M. Lonardi, Superintendent for the school district reports that the Borough and District worked collaboratively throughout the entire process and believes the sale of the building to the Borough is a “win, win.” It is a “win” for the District because the building does not sit vacant and the buyer will use it to service the community. The Borough “wins” because it solves some issues with their current location and it will allow for growth or expanded community services. The Borough will be able to put the building to good use for years.

West York Elementary School Continues to Serve West York Borough

West York Borough (Back Row (L-R)): Mr. Shawn C. Mauck, President of Council; Mr. C.R. Lloyd, Emergency Management Coordinator; Ms. Mary Wagner, Councilwoman; Mr. Brian Wilson, Councilman
West York Area School District (Middle Row L-R): Mr. Lynn Kohler, Director; Mr. Alan Moose, Director; Mr. Ralph Brandt, Director; Mr. Rodney Drawbaugh, President
West York Area School District (Front Row L-R): Mr. George Margetas, Director; Ms. Jeanne Herman, Director; Dr. Emilie Lonardi, Superintendent; Mr. Todd Gettys, Vice President

Board Member's View

What is causing the 2016-2017 budget deficit?

There are many reasons why the West York Area School District, like so many district across York County and the state of Pennsylvania, cannot balance their budgets... Read More

Summer Physical Schedule

Planning on playing a sport for West York Area School District during the 2016-2017 school year? If so, please check out this flyer for more information on this summer's physical schedule. Remember, all athletes must have a completed physical on the PIAA physical form dated after June 1, 2016. The form can be found on our Eligibility page.

Mini-Thon Raises Over $42,000 for Four Diamonds Fund

West York Area High School has been hosting Four Diamonds' Mini-THONS since 2006. This years Mini-Thon took place on Friday, April 8, from 7pm-7am. Almost 350 students came together for 12 hours raising $42,511.53. All proceeds are donated to the Four Diamonds Fund, a fund created for Penn State Hershey cancer patients and their families. Student Council advisors, Carrie Jones and Kirsty Houck, organized the event along with the Student Council, which is led by the following officers: Jack Seifarth, Maddie R. Miller, Makayla Sheffer, Bethany Weaver, and Madison Weinstein.

Mini-Thon Raises Over $42,000 for Four Diamonds Fund

Art Show Winners!

Congratulations to the following students for having their artwork chosen as winning entries in the "By the Kids, For the Kids" art show to benefit Mini-Thon.

  • Hannah Giannone - Grade 2
  • Cristal Cazares - Grade 5
  • Christina Molinaro - Grade 7
  • Evelyn Nguyen and Farjana Quayyum - High School

Sutyak to Play All-State Musical Festival

Congratulations to senior band member, and violinist Diane Sutyak! Diane represented West York playing her violin in the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Central Region Orchestra. While there, Diane auditioned against 44 other violinists in quest for a spot in the PMEA All-State Orchestra. After three auditions Diane was chosen and will represent West York High School at the All-State Festival March 31-April 1, at the Hershey Convention Center. Congratulations to Diane for a job well done and accomplishing her goal!

School Closing Decision-Making Process

Please read this letter from Superintendent Lonardi regarding the decision-making process involved in delaying and/or closing schools due to inclement weather.

Alumni Directory

To our West York Alumni Community: You will soon be receiving or may have already received a mailed contact card from The Foundation for the West York Area School District requesting that you call a toll free number (800-713-3183) to confirm current biographical information for a West York High School comprehensive directory of graduates. This contact card is a completely legitimate effort approved by both our Foundation and the District. The company compiling this information to build the Directory is Harris Direct out of Chesapeake, Virginia. Harris Direct is a leader in their field preparing Directories for numerous colleges and high schools. We encourage your participation to make this Directory a success. If you have any questions, please contact Dave Peck at 792-2796 (x1006).

Board Member's View

Wallace Elementary Building Project: Completed On Time and No New Taxes!

Ralph E. Brandt - School Board Director

Several years ago, this Board embarked on an ambitious effort to evaluate the needs of our facilities for the next 15 - 20 years and to make necessary improvements without raising taxes. To that end, the Board conducted a district-wide Comprehensive Study and formed an ad-hoc Facilities Steering Committee to study data and make facility improvement recommendations to the Board. One of the Committee’s recommendations was to add-on to and renovate Wallace Elementary in order to educate all of our kindergarten and first grade students at one location. This recommendation was largely due to the age of Loucks Elementary and the high cost to maintain and renovate it. The Board adhered to those recommendations and the project went smoothly with our new Wallace Elementary building opening its doors to all West York kindergarten and first graders on August 19, 2015. The project was completed on time and with no new taxes.

The improvements at Wallace allow our students to take advantage of the latest instructional technology in every classroom. Wallace now includes many enhanced security and safety features throughout the building, a brand new cafeteria that allows meals to be prepared on location, and exterior improvements that include a new parent drop-off area and increased parking. Hundreds of people attended the Open House on October 8, 2015! It was rewarding to hear so many positive comments as I toured the building.

These great improvements would not have been possible if it were not for long-range planning regarding building facilities and capital improvement funds by previous Board members. Their planning has allowed our current students to receive a great education in student-centered, safe, and well-maintained buildings. This Board is pleased to “pay it forward” for the next generation of students by reinvesting those limited capital funds in our facilities for students who will attend West York during the next 15 - 20 years. This investment is much bigger than our school buildings and grounds. It is also an investment in our students’ futures and integral part of the stability of our community’s housing value and business viability

Homecoming 2015

Congratulations to the members of this year’s Homecoming Court: Tafshena Khan,
Samantha Gentzler, Elle Stine, Ally Williams, Amanda Sides, Olivia Sollberger, Josie
Jermyn, Guiseppe Lim, Reese Fuhrman, Matt DellOrfano, Terry Cains, Nick Sarver,
Ryan Narber, and Jack Seifarth. 

Homecoming 2015

York Fair Chalk Painting Winner

Congratulations to Tafshena Khan and Suhana Khan with their Grand Prize chalk painting and ribbon! The grand prize was $300 for Tafshena and Suhana and $300 for the art department at the high school. The girls also agreed to donate the painting to the York Fair, at the Fair’s request, to hang in the Fair office.

art students

Be a Part of Bulldog History… Buy a Custom Engraved Paver in Bulldog Plaza!

It is not too late to purchase a Custom Engraved Paver in Bulldog Plaza! The Foundation for the West York Area School District is selling pavers to be placed in the "Bulldog Plaza" entrance to the new gymnasium. The commemorative pavers are available in three sizes 4" x 4", 8" x 8", and 12" x 12". These pavers will remain on sale for as long as there are spots available but note that the larger sizes are limited. If you are interested in ordering your paver click here!!

PAECT Keystone Technology Innovators Summit

We want to congratulate Ms. Halcott in her attendance at the PAECT Keystone Technology Innovators Summit. For full details about Ms. Halcott, take a moment and view this article.



Referendum Exceptions

Notice is hereby given that the West York Area School District Board of Directors intends to seek approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Education for referendum exceptions under Section 333 of Act 1 of Special Session 2006. The District intends to seek approval for the following exceptions: Special Education 333(f)(2)(v) and Retirement Contributions 333(n). 

George W. Fike Jr., Board Secretary

West York Area School District Board of Education Supports Plaintiffs in a School-Funding Lawsuit

At the March 15, 2016, Board Meeting, the West York Area School District Board of Directors approved a Resolution that supports a lawsuit whereby petitioners seek a judicial review of the legislature’s compliance with its constitutional duty to “support a thorough and efficient system of public education.” The suit requests that the Governor and General Assembly withdraw their opposition to a judicial review. 

The group of school districts represented in the lawsuit entitled, William Penn School District, et al v. Pennsylvania Department of Education, et al, are seeking relief because they believe the current public school funding scheme violates the Pennsylvania Constitution which creates a fundamental right for every school-aged child to attend free public schools and an opportunity to obtain an adequate education as defined in the Department of Education’s regulations. In other words, the plaintiffs want an independent judicial review of the state’s legal requirement to fund public education in an equitable manner, and sufficiently so public schools can comply with established educational standards. 

For more information, please see the attached Resolution Supporting School Districts Serving as Plaintiffs in School Funding Resolution.

West York Area School District Board of Directors

Public Inspection
Proposed Preliminary 2016-2017 Budget

Adoption of Preliminary 2016-2017 Budget

Notice is hereby given that effective December 18, 2015, the West York Area School District Board of Directors will have available for public inspection the 2016-2017 Proposed Preliminary Budget at the Administration Building, 2605 W. Market St., York, PA, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Notice is hereby given that the West York Area School Board of Directors plans to adopt the Preliminary 2016-2017 Budget at the January 19, 2016, Board Meeting. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of the Middle School, 1700 Bannister Street, York, PA.

George W. Fike
Board Secretary

Notice of Monthly Board Meetings 2016

Public Notice

West York Area School District Board of Directors
Notice of Monthly Board Meetings 2016

The Board of Directors gives notice of the regularly scheduled 2016 public meetings. Work Sessions will be held the second Tuesday of each month through December except for the months of February (Work Session will be held on Tuesday, February 2) and July (no scheduled meeting).

Work Sessions can be used to take action if necessary. Work Sessions convene at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room, West York Area School District Administration Building, 2605 W. Market St., York, PA 17404. 

Board Meetings will be held the third Tuesday of each month through December except for the month of July (no scheduled meeting). Board Meetings convene at 6:30 p.m. at the West York Area Middle School, 1700 Bannister St., York, PA 17404.

The Board Reorganization Meeting will be held December 6, 2016,  5:00 p.m. in the Board Room, West York Area School District Administration Building, 2605 W. Market St., York, PA 17404. 

George W. Fike
Board Secretary

Academic Performance Improves

Recently, Dr. Emilie M. Lonardi, Superintendent, presented longitudinal data regarding student performance on state-mandated standardized tests. It is not uncommon for schools that have decreased personal wealth in its population to see a similar decrease in student academic performance. Despite the district's declining wealth, our students' Reading and Math scores continue to trend upward, as these graphs demonstrate. The district attributes this success to hard working students, parents, teachers and administrators who remain focused on student academic success, and West York's strong curriculum and intervention programs.

Are You an Alumnus of West York?

We are in the process of creating website resources for our West York alumni. If you would like to receive information about future alumni events, sign up here.>>>

Education Foundation for the WYASD

Like all Districts within the state, the West York Area School District (WYASD) faces the prospect of tighter budgets moving forward. In an effort to be proactive, the District has assisted in the formation of an educational foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to secure private, tax-deductible donations and grant money to help fund District programs and resources. The Foundation will operate as an independent entity from the District and receive its governance from its own Board of Directors. Naturally, the Foundation will work in a strong collaborative effort with the School District’s Board. I am honored that the District's Board of Directors elected me to serve as its first representative on the Foundation's Board. I look forward to working side-by-side with Mr. Larry Richardson, Mr. Joseph Connolly, Ms. Lori Toth, Mr. Mark Keim, and Mr. Thomas Eyster, who are all members of the community and are parents of current or former West York students. Mr. Eyster is also a West York alumnus and retired teacher. Administrators from the District have agreed to serve on the Foundation’s Board to assist in providing information and guidance as needed. Dr. Emile Lonardi, Superintendent; Mr. George Fike, Business Manager; and Mr. David Peck, Assistant Business Manager, agreed to serve in this capacity.

The Foundation will be actively seeking corporate support through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC).  Mr. Richardson was elected President of the Foundation Board. Mr. Connolly was elected Vice President, and he will chair the Fund Development Committee which will focus heavily on the EITC program as well as identifying major funding sources. Ms. Toth was elected Secretary, and she will chair the Publication and Marketing Committee. Mr. Eyster will chair the Alumni Committee, and Mr. Peck will serve as Treasurer. As the Foundation grows, we anticipate needing other committees, including an Audit & Finance Committee and Allocations Committee. That is where you come in! We are in need of volunteers to organize and serve on various committees to help us market the Foundation and attract benefactors, as well as develop action plans. If you are a member of the WYASD community and have a passion for providing students with enhanced programs, we encourage you to call us at (717) 792 2796 for more information on volunteering, or email us at bulldogmail@wyasd.k12.pa.us.

- By Mr. Rodney Drawbaugh, Board President

Homecoming 2015
Homecoming 2015